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Hangzhou ChangChuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of high-tech semiconductor test equipment company, since the company's products from entering the market, has won the praise of customers, several well-known semiconductor device manufacturing has become the company's customers. The company has a high level of R & D team, in a dozen inventions and utility model patents and a number of software copyright. We rely on technological innovation, sophisticated production management system and perfect after-sales service, providing customers with high quality products and quality service.

Main product categories:

Ⅰ:Test System

CTA8200 is a cost-effective digital-analog hybrid test system to high accuracy, high speed, high stability and maneuverability characteristics won customers, can be used for AC-DC, DC-DC, amplifier, power amplifier, motor drivers and other types of analog circuits.

Ⅱ: The Test handler systems

1. C1 Series (a gravity-fed dual-site ping-pong test handler)

2. C2 Series (a gravity-fed singlel-site test handler)

3. C3 series (a gravity-fed dual-site parallel test handler)

4. C3S series (a gravity-fed dual-site Plunger To Board handler)

5. C37 series(a gravity-fed dual-site parallel test handler)

6. C5 series (a gravity-fed Multi site handler)

7. C6 series (a PICK&PLACE handler)

8. C7 series (a Auto Taping Machine)

9. CT10XX series(a gravity-fed TO9X series handler)

Includes DIP, SOP, SSOP, MSOP, TSSOP, QFP, QFN, BGA, TO220 series, TO92S series and other package outline, with its stable quality and high speed characteristics, won the customer's high praise.

The company is currently in the high-end hybrid test system, power device test system and the high-end automatic handler system actively involved in research and development and market to develop strength, in order to enter the high-end test equipment are unremitting efforts!

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